Waxing is a form of EPILATION; this means that the hair is removed below the surface of the skin. The advantage of epilation over depilation (hair removed at the skin line-shaving etc.) Is that it will take longer for the hair to grow back. Also if epilation is Performed repeatedly on the same area over a prolonged period of time, the quantity of hair will be permanently reduced.

Hair can be removed with a minimum amount of discomfort.Ladies get that smooth look an feel for your legs with a appointment at Exotic Eyebrows.

Name Price
Eyebrows $7.00
Under Arms $10.00
Belly $15.00
Half Arms $20.00
Full Arms $25.00
Half Legs $25.00
Full Legs $30.00
Lower Back $15.00
Bikini Line $15.00
Full Brazillian $30.00
Full Body Wax $100.00